How to use

twoplus Sperm Guide is a drug free alternative that helps sperm stay in the vaginal canal, increasing the chances of a sperm meeting an egg.

Step 1

Lubricate the vaginal opening

Lubricate the vaginal opening with a teaspoon-sized amount of water-based fertility lubricant

Step 2

Pinch the sides

Pinch the sides of twoplus Sperm Guide with its flap folded down. Insert the device according to the orientation shown.

Step 3

Insert while lying on your back

Insert while lying down on your back. Ensure that twoplus Sperm Guide's tail is in plain view outside the vagina.

Step 4

Do the baby dance

Have intercourse and ensure that the penis glides over twoplus Sperm Guide's flap.

Step 5

Leave it for up to an hour

Upon ejaculation, withdraw the penis from the vaginal tract and leave twoplus Sperm Guide in place up to an hour.

Step 6

Pull on the tail end

Gently pull on the tail end of the twoplus Sperm Guide for removal, Lubricate, if necessary.